Aanrise Tech

Founded in 2014, Shenzhen Shangyangtong Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. It is also a member of the China Semiconductor Association, a member of the Power Electronics Association, and a member of the Shenzhen Third Generation Semiconductor Research Association. As a new generation power semiconductor design company, Shangyangtong masters the core technology of innovative power semiconductors, and has independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. Suntech has accumulated 90 independent patents in the field of new-generation power semiconductors, including 62 invention patents and US patents. It is a company focused on the development of new-generation power devices and analog ICs.

       Power semiconductors include: 500 ~ 900VSnowMOS (Super Junction MOSFET), 40 ~ 200VTTMOS (SGT MOSFET), 600 ~ 1700VIBGT series. The new generation of SnowMOS, TTMOS products take into account high reliability, extremely low on-resistance and small volume packaging; products have been widely penetrated and applied to power electronics, new energy, communications, server power, car charging piles and OBC, consumer appliances and imaging Product area.

As a local brand in China, Suntech is a leader in the development of a new generation of power semiconductor technology. With its unique core technology and R & D strength, it will continue to pursue product development to high-end applications to meet the high demand of more domestic high-end application customers. .