SPDTIt has been widely accepted in the fast-growing global market, especially in Vienna, rectifiers and totem pole PFC in AC-DC applications such as high-voltage DC-DC power conversion topologies such as LLC and phase-shifted full-bridge and six-switch SiC solution replacement. In the fast-growing electric vehicle driver market, SPDT's industry's highest performance, lowest R (DS) -on FET (rated voltages of 650 V and 1200 V, respectively) is quickly becoming the first choice for EV power supply designers.

SPDTA major contributor to performance and reliability improvements, the overall system cost of the next-generation data center has been reduced. In addition, we provide important charging time and length of time for industrial vehicles. Finally, our superior efficiency rating makes SPDT products the perfect solution for solar cell array technology. With this designer approval, it is clear that silicon carbide devices are becoming one of the key drivers in these fast-growing markets.


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