Semiq Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of silicon carbide (SIC) power semiconductor devices and materials headquartered in the United States, including SiC Power MPs diodes (650V, 1200V, 1700V) silicon carbide modules and SiC Power MOSFETs

SiC custom module, silicon carbide bare die, SiC custom n-type epitaxial wafer

Semiq is a private company, partially owned by employees. Semiq (formerly known as the global power technology group) began developing silicon carbide technology at its headquarters in Southern California in 2012, where it developed EPI and design equipment. Recently, semiq released its 3rd generation SiC Schottky diode (combined pin Schottky type), which includes improvements in surge current, moisture resistance, overall robustness and durability. Accelerated high temperature reliability test has exceeded 8 million equipment hours. Semiq Gen 3 diodes are 100% avalanche tested.

Semiq products are deployed in electric vehicle charging systems, induction heating, power supply, fuel cell power generation and solar inverter all over the world. In addition, semiq provides professional knowledge of power conversion application and has rich experience in designing inverters of 3.3kw, 6.6kw and above.


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